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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Training

Adobe Dreamweaver is arguably the best HTML editor on the market. It is helpful both to new web designers and programers who desire to use its What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) features, but powerful enough to build dynamic data-driven sites.

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What is Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver has long advertised its ability to create "round-trip HTML" meaning that it can write code for you, but if you change the code it will not change it back. (This might sound basic, but not all code editors can do this!)

It can even be used to dynamically build ASP, PHP, ColdFUsion, JSP or ASP.NET applications. This feature allows non-programmers to create complex applications without ever looking at the code.

Now that Dreamweaver MX is the prefered code editing tool for ColdFusion applications (with the demise of ColdFusion Studio), it opens itself up to a large new market.

How we can help you!

We can teach you the very basics that will help you create a site from scratch in no time! Or, we can help you use Dreamweaver to write ColdFusion code, invoke Web Services or many other complicated functions.

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses


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