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Introduction to ASP.NET Web Matrix (3-days)

ASP.NET applications may be built in anything from Notepad to Visual Studio.NET. Notepad is free but offers no code assistance. VS.NET offers a tremendous amount of assistance with code, but is expensive.

Microsoft's free "Web Matrix" tool is a wonderful compromise. It is hard to beat the price (free!) and offers plenty of assistance in building code (while still allowing the developer complete control of the code).

All students in this course will receive a copy of "Beginning Dynamic Websites with ASP.NET Web Matrix" by David Sussman from Wrox Press. It offers a full array of exercises including database files. It will be used to form the structure of the course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to ASP.NET
    • Common Language Runtime
    • Languages: VS.NET vs. C#
  • Introduction to ASP.NET Web Matrix
    • Installing Web Matrix
    • Tour of Web Matrix tools
  • First ASP.NET Page
    • "The Snake Eyes Game"
    • Analyze the code that was written
  • Review of HTML Forms
    • Action and method
  • Web Server Controls
  • Postback
  • Server-side events
  • Conditional Statements
    • If Then
    • Select Case
  • Loops
    • Do Until
    • Do While
    • For each
  • Functions and Procedures
  • Variables
    • Strings, Numbers, Boolean
    • Objects
    • Arrays
  • Validation Controls
  • Tracing
  • Database Connections
    • Connecting to a database
    • SQL - Query the database
    • Display Data with Datagrid
    • MXDataGrid
    • Editing and retrieving data
  • Using Templates
    • The six types of templates
  • ADO.NET Data Access Objects
    • Command Objects
    • DataReader Objects
    • Dataset Objects
    • CodeBuilder
    • Bind data to List Controls
  • Reusable Content
    • User Control
  • Case Study: Applying your new skills
    • Create a custom class
  • Case Study: Identify your Users
    • The Login template page
  • Cookies
  • Session State
  • Web Services
  • What's next?

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