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Advanced Adobe Dreamweaver CS4: Behaviors, Reusing Code and Site Management

Dreamweaver offers many advanced tools that allow you to manage your entire site. You will learn how to use Templates, Server-side Includes, Library Items, Snippets and other ways to reuse code. You will master all of the "Behaviors" Dreamweaver offers that insert client-side JavaScript on your site. Learn how to utilize the site management tools and actually upload to a real web server

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
    • Who is Dreamweaver for?
    • What is a “webmaster?”
    • History of Dreamweaver
    • Goals of this class / Who is this class for?
    • What's New in Dreamweaver CS4
    • Advanced Dreamweaver Features
  • Create a Dreamweaver “Site”
    • Our Site: Pet Adoption Central
    • Site Creation – Basic
    • Site Files Panel
    • “Create a Site” vs. “FTP or RDS Server Connection”
    • Exercise 1: Create a Dreamweaver Site and Insert an Image
  • Creating Reusable Components
  • Templates
    • Steps in Creating a Template
    • Updating a Template
    • Exercise 2: Create Multiple Pages Using a Template
  • Additional Template Options
    • Exercise 3: Creating Nested Templates
  • Server-Side Includes
    • Allowing a page to use a Server-Side Include
    • Drawbacks to using SSIs
    • When to use an SSI
    • Creating an SSI
    • Inserting an SSI using Dreamweaver
    • Editing and Updating an SSI
    • Exercise 4: Create a “featured pet of the week” section with a Server-Side Include
  • Library Items
    • Drawbacks to using Library Items
    • When to use a Library Item
    • Creating a Library Item
    • Inserting a Library Item
    • Editing and Updating a Library Item
    • Exercise 5: Add an Updatable Footer Using a Library Item
  • Code Snippets
    • Create your own snippet
    • Exercise 6: Creating a List of Related Links Using Snippets
  • Attach a Cascading Style Sheet
    • Review of CSS Options
    • Attaching an existing Style Sheet
    • Applying CSS Styles
  • Using Spry Accordion
    • Exercise 7: Use a Spry Accordion to Build the FAQ
  • Behaviors
    • What is JavaScript?
  • Behaviors: Popup Messages
    • Creating a “Fake Link”
    • Events vs. Actions
    • Exercise 8: Pop-up message Behaviors
  • Using Absolute Positioning
    (AP Divs)
    • What can AP divs do?
    • Creating AP divs in Dreamweaver
  • Show/Hide Elements: Dynamic Visibility
    • Exercise 9: Dynamic Visibility
  • AP Elements: “Dragable” Content
    • The <body> tag is the Trigger
    • Additional Options
    • Exercise 10: Creating a game with Dragable Content
  • Behavior: Jump Menu
    • Demo: Democratic Governors’ Association
    • A little JavaScript lesson
    • Exercise 11: Jump Menu
  • Behavior: Open Browser Window
    • Add Some JavaScript
    • Exercise 12: Open Browser Window
  • Insert Flash Video
    • Inserting the FLV
    • Insert SWF
    • Exercise 13: Insert a Flash Video of our Property
  • Appendix A: Site Management Information
    • Find and Replace
    • Built in FTP client
    • File check-in/check-out
    • Design Notes
    • Link Checker
    • Reports
    • Browser Compatibility Check
  • Appendix B: Working with HTML Code Directly
    • Tags at bottom
    • Tag dialog boxes on code side
    • Reference window
  • Appendix C: Extending Dreamweaver
    • Check the rating
    • Installing Extensions with Adobe Extension Manager
  • Appendix D: Resources

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