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ColdFusion 8 and Reporting

ColdFusion 8 has introduced some great new features related to reporting. In addition to the charts and graphs that have been available since version 5 and we now can dynamically manipulate images with the <cfimage> tag, build PowerPoint style presentations with <cfpresentation> tag and dynamically build PDFs with <cfpdf>.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Charting and Graphing Options

  • Demo: Basic Charts
  • Using <cfchart> vs. <cfchartseries>
  • Additional attributes of <cfchart> and <cfchartseries>
  • Demo: Linking from a chart to another page
  • Demo: <cfchartdata> to manually add data
  • Order of the data in your chart
  • Caching Charts
  • Demo: Save charts for future use with <cffile>
  • Exercise 1: Set up Course Files and Data Source
  • Exercise 2: Create a chart with <cfchart>

Module 2: Using the ColdFusion Report Builder

  • Note: ColdFusion Report Builder vs. ColdFusion Builder
  • Installing ColdFusion Report Builder
  • Launching the ColdFusion Report Builder – Setup Wizard
  • Using the Report Builder IDE
  • Workspace and hidden bands
  • Toolbox
  • Additional Panels
  • Demo: Open a Completed Report
  • Use the "Report Creation Wizard" to build a Report
  • Using the Query Builder
  • Query Builder's Advanced Mode
  • Making Changes to the Query or the Report
  • Use Expression Builder to Format a Date Field
  • Running Report Directly from the Browser
  • Running Report from <cfreport> tag
  • Passing Query to <cfreport> tag
  • Formatting the Display of the Report Using Report Styles
  • Export or Import CSS Using Report Styles
  • Printing Labels from the Web: Label Creation Wizard
  • Note: Error Opening Help Files
  • Exercise 3: Build a Report with the Report Wizard
  • Additional Techniques with ColdFusion Reports
  • Passing Input Parameters to Reports
  • Three Ways to Create Input Parameters
  • Passing Input Parameters Using <cfreportparam>
  • Exercise 4: Passing Input Parameters to a Report
  • Using Sub Reports
  • Demo: Using a Subreport
  • Embedding Charts in Reports
  • Shortcut! Generate <cfreport> Tag Automatically
  • Exercise 5: Using A Subreport

Module 3: Creating PDFs Using <cfdocument>

  • Demo: Using <cfdocument> to Dynamically Print Query Data
  • Demo: Using <cfdocument> to Include Page
  • Use <cfdocumentitem> to add Page Breaks, Headers and Footers
  • The CFDOCUMENT Scope
  • Create Sections with <cfdocumentsection>
  • Note: Add Bookmarks in a PDF
  • Create PDF of External Page with help of <cfhttp>
  • Save Printable Reports in Files
  • Exercise 6: Creating Printable Version as PDF with <cfdocument>

Module 4: Additional Work with PDFs and <cfpdf>

  • Read Existing PDF with <cfpdf>
  • Demo: Create PDF and set META data
  • Demo: Create Watermark
  • Demo: Merge several PDF documents into one PDF document
  • Demo: Create Thumbnails
  • Additional PDF Functionality

Module 5: Working with <cfimage>

  • Demo: Load Image and Save as New Name
  • Demo: Add Borders to Image
  • Demo: Resize an Image
  • Working with Image Functions
  • Demo: Convert From JPG into GIF Format
  • Demo: Retrieve Info from an Image
  • Demo: Adding a Watermark

Appendix A: Resources

Appendix B: Additional Functionality

  • Demo: Generate Spreadsheet with <cfcontent>
  • Create Spreadsheet with <cfspreadsheet> - new in CF 9
  • Demo: <cfpresentation>
  • Printing with <cfprint>
  • Using threads

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