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  XML training

Introduction to XSLT (2 days)

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Course Outline

  • XSLT Basics
    • eXtensible Stylesheet Language
    • An XSLT Stylesheet
      • xsl:template
      • xsl:value-of
      • Whitespace and xsl:text
    • Output Types
      • Text
      • XML
      • HTML
    • XSLT Elements and Attributes
      • xsl:element
      • xsl:attribute
      • Attributes and Curly Brackets
  • XPath
    • XPath in XSLT
    • XPath Expression
    • XPath Terminology
      • Context Node
      • Current Node
      • Context Size
      • Proximity Position
    • Location Paths
    • Axis
    • Node Test
    • Predicate
    • Accessing Nodes
    • Abbreviated Syntax
    • XPath Functions
    • XPath Operators
  • Flow Control in XSLT
    • Looping in XSLT
    • Sorting with XSLT
    • Looping and Sorting
    • Conditions with XSLT
  • XSLT Templates, Parameters and Variables
    • xsl:apply-templates
    • xsl:call-template
    • Passing Parameters
    • Removing Content
    • Template Modes
    • Template Priority
      • Default Priorities
      • Assigning Priorities
    • XSLT Variables
  • Multiple XML and XSLT Documents
    • Including XSLTs
    • Importing XSLTs
    • Conflict resolution
    • The document() Function
  • Working with Keys
    • Key Basics
      • The key() Function
      • Improving Performance with Keys
        • Cross References
        • The Key Way
      • Grouping
        • The generate-id() Function
        • Using generate-id() for Grouping
  • Advanced XSLT Techniques
    • Working with Numbered Lists
      • The position() function
      • xsl:number
  • Outputting Processing Instructions
    • Copying Nodes
      • xsl:copy
      • xsl:copy-of
  • Tying It All Together

XSLT Training Course Materials

Each student will get a copy of comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class files (XSLT Training published by Webucator).



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